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Rolf Grützner (1997)

Individual-oriented modelling and simulation for the analysis of complex environmental systems

In: Environmental Software Systems, ed. by Denzer, Ralf and Swane, J. A. and Schimak, Gerald, pp. 316-326, Chapman & Hall.

Although one ultimate goal may be the understanding of environmental systems as a property of space and time, it could well prove more immediately interesting to understand how the behaviour of complex environmental systems emerge from co-operation and interaction of simpler objects of such systems. This paper gives a general overview of an individual-oriented modelling and simulation method, of architecture of simulation system software, and of applications in the domain of environmental protection. The individual structure for special applications will be explained in detail. A number aspects of knowledge-based decision makers are elaborated on: with rule basis, fuzzy basis, and a Bayes equation. A special example of traffic engineering and urban planning describes an actual application field.

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