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A Martens, J Bernauer, T Illmann, and A Seitz (2001)

Docs 'n Drugs - The Virtual Polyclinic". An Intelligent Tutoring System for Web-Based and Case-Oriented Training in Medicin

In: Proc. of the American Medical Informatics Conference, pp. 433–437, Washington, USA, AMIA.

Since the beginning of the year 2000 medical students of the University of Ulm are working in their curriculum with the web-based and case-oriented tutoring system "Docs 'n Drugs – the virtual Polyclinic". The system consists of different subsystems and services. One subsystem is the Training System. It is based on three models: the Tutoring Process Model, the Case Knowledge Model and the Medical Knowledge Model. They describe the tutoring process as a series of nodes and steps, depict the structure of the medical cases, and provide the structure of the medical knowledge respectively. Case knowledge and medical knowledge form the expert knowledge of the medical domain. Together with the tutoring process, they build the basis for automatic intelligent tutoring. After giving a deeper insight into the system architecture and the training case structure, an informal evaluation shows a first feedback of the learners.

PMID: 11825225 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
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