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A Martens, J Bernauer, T Illmann, C Scheuerer, and A Seitz (2000)

A Flexible Architecture for Constructing and Executing Tutoring Processes

In: Proc. 45. Jahrestagung der GMDS, Hannover 2000, pp. 494–498.

The tutoring process of conventional case-oriented medical training systems can be characterised as either guided or unguided. In contrast to that, the aim of the system "Docs'n Drugs" is to distinguish between different levels of guidance. The author can realise the tutoring case as a guided, a half guided or an unguided tutoring process. The system architecture distinguishes between an authoring system and a tutoring system. Fundaments of these are the tutoring process model and the case data model. This structure allows the reuse of elements of existing tutoring cases. The tutoring cases can be realised in different langugages, e.g. German and English.

PMID: 11187601 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
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