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T Illmann, m Weber, A Martens, and A Seitz (1999)

A Pattern-Oriented Design of a Web-Based and Case-Oriented Multimedia Training System in Medicine

In: 4th World Conference on Integrated Design & Process Technology.

In this paper, we introduce the design of a web-based and case-oriented multimedia training system in medicine. It allows students to learn systematic knowledge and decision making in medicine by computer-based solving of guided and unguided medical cases. We show how to meet complex requirements such as web-based client-server architecture, multiuser capability, telecollaboration among users, storage of large database models, database access over heterogeneous networks and knowledge-based intelligent authoring and tutoring. We further explain, how a design pattern, the presentation-abstraction-control pattern, can be applied to make the overall design of such a complex system. It helps to identify and integrate many different and modular designed components. It additionally provides the possibility to easily exchange certain functionality of the system without affecting other components. Finally we will show, that such a system architecture also applies to caseoriented training systems in other subjects.

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