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A Seitz, A Martens, J Bernauer, C Scheuerer, and J Thomsen (1999)

An Architecture for Intelligent Support of Authoring and Tutoring in Medical Multimedia Learning Environments

In: Proc. of the World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia, ed. by Piet Kommers and Griff Richards, pp. 852–857, Chesapeake, VA.

Both representing cases as fixed scripts as well as the development of initial expert systems as a basis for computer based tutoring systems is particularly difficult and time intensive in a multi-institutional development project. On the other hand, structured systematic knowledge and a common terminology is necessary for automatic generation of information and quiz pages as well as automatic feedback. Therefore we provide an architecture that relates tutoring cases to general concept representation systems containing common terminologies, and facilitates an incremental acquisition of systematic knowledge.

Publisher: AACE
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