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Ulf C Ewert, Mathias Röhl, and Adelinde M Uhrmacher (2001)

The role of deliberative agents in analyzing crises management in pre-modern towns


So far, the impact of deliberative interventions and actors’ preferences in dealing with mortality crises in pre-modern European towns seems widely un- explored. For that purpose a multiagent-based model has been implemented in James (A Java-Based Agent Modeling Environment for Simulation). In order to allow for heterogeneity three actor groups - merchants, craftsmen, laborers - and one planning agent - the local authorities - are distinguished. Actors are interacting as consumers and suppliers via several markets, e.g. grain market, consumer good market, and labor market. Within the course of simulation the local authorities is capable of intervening in market processes and implementing measures of crisis management, e.g. job creation programs. From simulation results a deeper insight into economic and demographic consequences of disasters and the eectiveness of crisis management can be obtained.

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