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A Martens (2004)

Case-Based Training with Intelligent Tutoring Systems

In: Proc. of the International Conference on Advanced Learning Technology, ed. by IEEE, pp. 191-195, IEEE Computer Society, Los Alamitos, California.

Intelligent Tutoring Systems can look back on a long tradition. Nonetheless, formal models are rare in this scientific domain. Thus, even if there is common agreement about the ITS architecture, the interpretation of the role and functionality of the components is quite heterogeneous. This leads to problems regarding re-usability and comparability of components, and makes communication about components difficult. Learning and training based on a narrative story line makes special demands on ITS. This case-based training can be formally described by a tutoring process model. The tutoring process model is a domain independent model. It facilitates communication, comparability, and it supports re-usability. As a side effect, the formal tutoring process model leads to a new perspective on the ITS architecture. As a basis for implementation, the formal tutoring process model proved its usability and viability in the Intelligent Tutoring System Docs 'n Drugs – the Virtual Hospital.

Attention! The version in the official Proceedings book is erroneous. Take the version published below as reference.
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