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Daniela Degenring, Iris Schröder, Christian Wandrey, Andreas Liese, and Lasse Greiner (2004)

Resolution of 1,2-diols by enzime-catalyzed oxidation with anodic, mediated cofactor regeneration in the extractive membrane reactor: Gaining insight by adaptive simulation

Organic Process Research and Development, 8(2):213-218.

Oxidative racemic resolution of 1,2-diols is a method for the synthesis of enantiopure diols not easily accessed by reduction. The constraints generally found for oxidation to hydroxy ketones can be overcome by coupling various techniques. To circumvent product inhibition, a membrane reactor with solvent extraction of the lipophilic product was chosen. For the oxidative regeneration of NAD + from NADH anodic oxidation mediated by ABTS was used. The kinetic characteristics of the system were determined independently for each significant system step. However, it proved difficult to simulate the coupled process completely with the kinetic data obtained independently, as true reaction conditions are not covered by kinetic experiments. A mixed approach using a system of ordinary differential equations corrected with data from the process (e.g. enzyme activity) leads to a satisfactory description. This model was applied as a starting point for identifying the relevant process parameters.

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