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A Martens and A M Uhrmacher (2004)

Modelling of Tutoring Processes in Intelligent Tutoring Systems

In: Proc. of the 27th German Conference on Artificial Intelligence, ed. by S Biundo, T Frühwirth, G Palm, pp. 396–409, Springer. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, LNAI 3238 KI 2004.

In this paper, a formal tutoring process model for case-based Intelligent Tutoring Systems is described. Case-based training necessitates flexibility and adaptability in an Intelligent Tutoring System. Training cases can be developed in different levels of guidance, reflecting the intensity of support given to the learner. The tutoring process model is described as an abstract tutoring process model. Based on the abstract tutoring process model, the basic tutoring process model and the adaptive tutoring process model are realized. The basic tutoring process model contains no learner model and thus is not able to adapt to the learner. It can be used for the design and the steering of simple training cases. The adaptive tutoring process model contains a learner model and adaptation possibilities. Adaptation takes place as adaptation to the learner and adaptation to the training case's development.

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