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D Degenring, J Lemcke, M Röhl, and A M Uhrmacher (2005)

A Variable Structure Model - the Tryptophan Operon

In: Proc. of the 3rd International Workshop on Computational Methods in Systems Biology, April 3-5, Edinburgh, Scotland, ed. by Plotkin, G., pp. 130-141.

Variable structure models are models that change their structure during simulation. Variable structure models provide additional structure to the behavior of systems, by distinguishing between different phases of interaction, composition, and behavior pattern. One form of variable structure models, hybrid models, which switch between different phases of continuous behavior, are well known and widely applied in Systems Biology. Variable interactions and compositions are less common, although natural in capturing certain phenomena as we will illustrate based on a multi-level, discrete-event model of the Trytophan Operon. Simulation results show the characteristic bursts that have been observed by simulating stochastic models of gene regulation processes.

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