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M Gierke and A M Uhrmacher (2005)

Modeling Elderly Behavior for Simulation-based Testing on Agent Software

In: Proc. of the Conceptual Modeling and Simulation Conference, ed. by Barros, F. and Bruzzone, A. and Frydman, C. and Giambiasi, N., pp. 159-164, SCS.

HBRs are widely used in real-time training and education application scenarios. We have applied this approach of modeling credible human behavior in the domain of software testing. In order to evaluate reminder software, we developed a virtual elderly who takes the place of the software user. The model had to mimic daily living towards a virtual environment and react to software reminders. The virtual elderly was designed according to a generic HBR structure and implemented following a military HBR development methodology. Having resented the model in detail, we discuss both the suitability of this HBR's level of detail as well as model validation issues.

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