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Research Project: ML-Space

  Stochastic, Discrete Modelling of Cell Biological Processes in Continuous and Hybrid Space

Abstract: Biological cells are not well-stirred environments, however, modelling and simulation methods based on this assumption are mostly better established theoretically and easier to apply than those that do not. In this project, we will establish concepts for the discrete, stochastic modelling of those processes taking the spatial dimensions of the system and actors into account.

  Research Project Information    
Runtime: Since Apr 15, 2010
Scientific staff: Dipl.-Inf. Arne Bittig
Student staff: Could not resolve: <member:en_valentin>

We will explore existing approaches to discrete, stochastic modelling and evaluate their suitability for describing continuous coordinates as well as lattice-based discretisations of space, and integrating various forms of paticle movement from Brownian motion to directed transport.

Project Structure