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A Martens (2006)

Towards a Tutoring Process Model with Time

In: Proc. of the 6th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies, ed. by Kinshuk, R. Koper, P. Kommers, P. Kischner, D. G. Sampson, W. Didderen, pp. 1014–1016, Los Alamitos, California, IEEE Computer Society.

The tutoring process model is a formal model, which is based on automaton theory. It has been developed to describe the central steering module of an e-learning system. The formal model consists of a basic tutoring process model with several extensions. The basic tutoring process model allows modeling the central steering component of simple teaching and training systems. Extended with a learner model, the adaptive tutoring process model describes the process of adaptation. In several training systems, adaptation comes in two shapes, one of which is the adaptation of content to the learner's decisions and provides logical coherence (e.g. in case-based training). The other one is adaptation to the learner's abilities. The tutoring process model with time also contains a temporal dimension, which broadens the adaptation possibilities towards realizing delays and acting under time pressure.

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