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Florian Marquardt, Christiane Reisse, Adelinde M Uhrmacher, and Thomas Kirste (2008)

A Two-way Approach to Service Composition in Smart Device Ensembles

In: Proceedings of Second Baltic Conference “Advanced Topics in Telecommunication”, ed. by Clemens Cap, pp. 49-60, University of Rostock, Rostock.

The aim of research in the field of smart environments is to explore techniques which allow us to build dynamic ensembles of devices in such a fashion that the user can interact with them in a natural way, without requiring him to manually control the devices. These devices are likely to be heterogeneous and offer different services. Based on user intentions and the capabilities of the devices, the challenge is to provide suitable combined services. This problem can be addressed top-down by decomposing goal tasks into plans or bottom-up by synthesizing chains of atomic services. In this paper, a proposal for both approaches and how those can work together to provide services will be introduced. In combination, both approaches allow an adaptive, intention-based user assistance in smart device ensembles.

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