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Adelinde Uhrmacher, Arndt Rolfs, and Jana Frahm (2007)

DFG Research Training Group 1387/1 dIEM oSiRiS

information technology, 49(6):388-395.

Regenerative systems are able to overcome significant perturbations, and maintain autonomously their functionality in dynamic and uncertain environments. To analyse or develop these types of systems modelling and simulation play a crucial role. However, due to the fact of being large scale and of embracing many heterogeneously acting and interacting sub-systems, they require the development of new methodologies to support a flexible modelling at different levels of organization and abstraction and an efficient execution of experiments. These methodological developments are at the core of the DFG Research Training Group dIEM oSiRiS (The Integrative Development of Modelling and Simulation Methods for Regenerative Systems). Thereby, the analysis of characteristics and requirements of regenerative systems and the evaluation of the developed concepts are based on a concrete biological regenerative system: the exploration of signalling pathways that play a significant role in the differentiation of neural cells.

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