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Jan Himmelspach, Mathias Röhl, and Adelinde M Uhrmacher (2010)

Component-based models and simulation experiments for supporting valid multi-agent system simulations

Journal of Applied Artificial Intelligence, 24(5):414-442.

The more simulation becomes an established tool in the design of multi-agent systems, the more urgent the question becomes how valid the induced properties and behaviour patterns are. Answering this question depends on the validity of the models, the correctness of the simulators, and the simulations. In all of these aspects, re-use and a declarative representation plays a crucial role. With JAMES II, we developed a customisable framework for modelling and simulation. Its component-based architecture supports a re-use of models, simulators, and experimental settings.  The benefits of this architecture for agent-based modelling and simulation will be illuminated by an excerpt of a simulation study about trading strategies for mobile adhoc networks.

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