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Tom Warnke, Danhua Peng, and Adelinde M Uhrmacher (2015)

Domain-Specific Languages for Flexibly Experimenting With Models

In: Tagungsband zum Workshop der ASIM/GI-Fachgruppen, ed. by C. Wahmkow, P. Roßmanek, R. Wendorf, pp. 285-286, ASIM, Stralsund, University of Applied Sciences Stralsund.

Domain specific languages have traditionally been used for model description. In recent years, efforts toward enabling simulation reproducibility have motivated the use of domain specific languages to also express experiment specifications. Domain specific languages serve to specify individual sub-tasks in this process, such as configuration, execution, observation, analysis, and evaluation of experiments. A specific type of analysis, i.e., statistical model checking, can again benefit from domain specific languages. To allow a flexible specification of model behavior, different variants of temporal logic have been developed. In this talk, we will present the combination of two domain specific languages and their usage for statistical model checking.

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