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Tom Warnke, Anna Klabunde, Sebastian Plath, Oliver Reinhardt, Frans Willekens, and Adelinde M Uhrmacher (2015 (to appear))

Modelling and Simulating Decision Processes with a Domain Specific Language

In: Workshop: The science of choice - How to model the decision-making process?

The development and execution of decision process models in agent-based computational demography depends largely on the existence of languages that support the modeler. The novel domain specific modeling language ML3 enables the succinct description of diverse types
of decision processes. Central concepts such as behavior conditional on agent attributes and stochastic waiting times are tightly integrated in the language. Agents can be embedded in a context of family ties, linked lives, and social networks, enabling the description of decision  processes that refer to related individuals as well. The continuous-time simulation of such models however holds some challenges that arise from the introduction of age-dependencies in decision processes. This requires an adaptation of established simulation algorithms.

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