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M Röhl (2006)

Platform Independent Specification of Simulation Model Components

In: ECMS 2006, ed. by Wolfgang Borutzky and Alessandra Orsoni and Richard Zobel, pp. 220–225, Bonn, ECMS.

Simulation model composability is a highly debated issue, especially the specific requirements of model components as compared to software components. Selected software component techniques are reviewed and adapted according to simulation models needs. Standard technologies like UML and XML are exploited to form the basis for a specification layer that is put on top of modeling formalisms. This layer accounts for explicit dependencies, compositions, and parametrization of simulation models. Thereby, the specification of model components can be done in a platform and simulation system independent manner. For the purpose of simulation a mapping to a concrete modeling formalisms that is supported by a simulation engine becomes necessary and is here done exemplary for Parallel DEVS.

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