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Roland Ewald, Jan Himmelspach, and Adelinde M Uhrmacher (2006)

A Non-Fragmenting Partitioning Algorithm for Hierarchical Models

In: Proc. of the 2006 Winter Simulation Conference, ed. by L. F. Perrone and F. P. Wieland and J. Liu and B. G. Lawson and D. M. Nicol and R. M. Fujimoto, pp. 848-855, IEEE Computer Society.

The simulation system James II is aimed at supporting a range of modeling formalisms and simulation engines. The partitioning of models is essential for distributed simulation. A suitable partition depends on model, hardware, and simulation algorithm characteristics. Therefore, a partitioning layer has been created in James II which allows to plug in partitioning algorithms on demand. Three different partitioning algorithms have been implemented. In addition to the well known Kernighan-Lin algorithm and a geometric approach, a partitioning algorithm for hierarchically structured models has been developed whose performance is evaluated.