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Martina Gierke, Jan Himmelspach, Mathias Röhl, and Adelinde M Uhrmacher (2006)

Modeling and Simulation of Tests for Agents

In: Multi-Agent System Technologies (MATES'06), vol. 4196/2006, pp. 49-60, Springer Berlin / Heidelberg. Lecture Notes in Computer Science.

Software systems that are intended to work autonomously in complex, dynamic environments should undergo extensive testing. Model-based testing advocates the use of purpose-driven abstractions for designing appropriate tests. The type of the software, the objective of testing, and the stage of the development process influence the suitability of tests. Simulation techniques based on formal modeling concepts can make these abstractions explicit and operational. A simulation model is presented that facilitates testing of autonomous software within dynamic environments in a flexible manner. The approach is illustrated based on the application Autominder.

ISBN 978-3-540-45376-5
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