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Mathias Röhl and Adelinde M Uhrmacher (2006)

Composing Simulations from XML-Specified Model Components

In: Proceedings of the Winter Simulation Conference 06, ed. by L. F. Perrone and F. P. Wieland and J. Liu and B. G. Lawson and D. M. Nicol and R. M. Fujimoto, pp. 1083-1090, ACM.

This paper is about the flexible composition of efficient simulation models. It presents the realization of a component framework that can be added as an additional layer on top of simulation systems. It builds upon platform independent specifications of components in XML to evaluate dependency relationships and parameters during composition. The process of composition is split up into four stages. Starting from XML documents component instances are created. These can be customized and arranged to form a composition. Finally, a composition is transformed to an executable simulation model. The first three stages are general applicable to simulation systems; the last one depends on the Parallel DEVS formalism and the simulation system James II.

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