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Mathias Röhl, Birgitta König-Ries, and Adelinde M Uhrmacher (2007)

An Experimental Frame for Evaluating Service Trading in Mobile ad-hoc Networks

In: Mobilität und Mobile Informationssysteme (MMS 2007), vol. 104, pp. 37-48. Lect. Notes Inform.

For evaluating dynamics of mobile ad-hoc networks at least three different layers have to be distinguished, i.e, the application layer, the protocol layer, and the network layer.  We present an experimental frame that has been developed in the simulation system James II to support experimentation with mobile information systems, as developed in DIANE (Dienste in Ad-hoc Netzen, services in ad-hoc networks). The flexibility of the approach is demonstrated by plugging different user models and protocol implmentations into the experimental frame. The experimental frame is used to explore network load for the differnt settings.

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