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Hans-Jörg Schulz, Mathias John, Andrea Unger, and Heidrun Schumann (2008)

Visual Analysis of Bipartite Biological Networks

In: Eurographics Workshop on Visual Computing for Biomedicine, ed. by Charl Botha, Gordon Kindlmann, Wiro Niessen, Bernhard Preim, pp. 135-142, Delft, The Netherlands, Eurographics Association.

The visualization of bipartite graphs has only recently gained some interest, as more and more application fields begin to use this special graph class as a natural way to encode their data. We present a table-based approach for the visualization of real world bipartite graphs, which may be large in size and contain a multitude of attributes. To explore complex network motifs and perform intricate selections within such graph data, we introduce a new script-based brushing mechanism which integrates naturally with the tabular graph representation. A prototype for exploring bipartite graphs, which uses the proposed visualization and interaction techniques, is also presented and used on example data sets of biochemical reaction networks.

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