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Roland Ewald and Adelinde M Uhrmacher (2009)

Automating the Runtime Performance Evaluation of Simulation Algorithms

In: Proceedings of the Winter Simulation Conference, ed. by M. D. Rossetti and R. R. Hill and B. Johansson and A. Dunkin and R. G. Ingalls, pp. 1079-1091, IEEE Computer Science.

Simulation algorithm implementations are usually evaluated by experimental performance analysis. To conduct such studies is a challenging and time-consuming task, as various impact factors have to be controlled and the resulting algorithm performance needs to be analyzed. This problem is aggravated when it comes to comparing many alternative implementations for a multitude of benchmark model setups. We present an architecture that supports the automated execution of performance evaluation experiments on several levels. Desirable benchmark model properties are motivated, and the quasi-steady state property of such models is exploited for simulation end time calibration, a simple technique to save computational effort in simulator performance comparisons. The overall mechanism is quite flexible and can be easily adapted to the various requirements that different kinds of performance studies impose. It is able to speed up performance experiments significantly, which is shown by a simple performance study.