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Stefan Leye and Adelinde M Uhrmacher (2010)

A Flexible and Extensible Architecture for Experimental Model Validation

In: 3rd International ICST Conference on Simulation Tools and Techniques, pp. 65:1–65:10, ICST, Malaga, Spain, ICST/IEEE.

With the rising number and diversity of validation methods, the need for a tool supporting an easy exploitation of those methods emerges. We introduce FAMVal, a validation architecture that supports the seamless integration of different validation techniques. We structure a validation experiment into the tasks specification of requirements, configuration of the model, model execution, observation, analysis, and evaluation.  This structuring improves the flexibility of the approach, by facilitating the combination of methods for different tasks. In addition to the overall architecture, basic components and their interactions are presented. The usage of FAMVal is illuminated by several validation experiments with a small chemical model. The architecture has been realized using the plug-in based design of the modeling and simulation framework James II.

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