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Jan Himmelspach (2012)

JAMES II: Extending, Using, and Experiments

In: Proceedings of the 5th SimuTools conference, ed. by Francesco Quaglia and Jan Himmelspach, pp. 208-210, ICST.

JAMES II is a modeling and simulation framework designed to ease the creation of specialized M&S applications, to experiment with models, and to ease the experimentation with alternative data structures and computation algorithms. The flexibility of the framework is based on the plug’n simulate architecture which allows to have any number of alternatives coexisting, from modeling means over computation algorithms to experiment control and analysis, within a single software. Herein we show how alternatives are added to JAMES II, how JAMES II can be used to efficiently execute simulations, what can be reused to built specialized M&S software, and how this can be used to do a more fair comparison of the alternatives.

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