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Jan Himmelspach (2007)

Konzeption, Realisierung und Verwendung eines allgemeinen Modellierungs-, Simulations- und Experimentiersystems - Entwicklung und Evaluation effizienter Simulationsalgorithmen

Doktorarbeit, Universität Rostock, Rostock.

Modelling and simulation are well established approaches in scientific and industrial research. There are numerous existing formalisms and languages of modelling as well as a variety of different simulation tools which have been created independently for various ranges of application by scientists working in differing fields of expertise. Simulation tools often arise in the context of the evaluation of new algorithms or for the calculation of specific models or a class of models. This analysis conceptualizes and introduces the new framework, known as JAMES II, in order to reduce and avoid expending unnecessary effort  in separate development strategies aimed at the same results. The generalized framework JAMES II offers efficient usage for approach-specific modelling and simulation tools by presenting both a flexible and extendable environment for the analysis of new algorithms. The analysis and comparison of the existing approaches prove the concept of ``plug'n simulate'' as the appropriate basis for a project-specific expandable system. To verify this for the concrete realization of new formalism, three new PDEVS-based formalisms are being defined and integrated into the framework as plug-ins. The framework's usability for simulation and modelling approaches is verified in simulation analyses from different areas of application. The successful insertion of JAMES II into teaching and instruction systems demonstrates its compatibility with other software products. The concept's adequacy to evaluate different algorithms and data structures for simulation is demonstrated by plug-ins newly developed for PDEVS formalism. The experiments demonstrate the necessity of alternative algorithms within a framework.

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