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Danhua Peng, Alexander Steiniger, Tobias Helms, and Adelinde Uhrmacher (2013)

Towards Composing ML-Rules Models

Poster, , Winter Simulation Conference 2013.

In cell biology, particularly to describe intra-cellular dynamics, network centered models prevail. Reusing
those models requires additional effort as it often prevents a traditional black box based composition, i.e.,
aggregation, but asks for a fusion of models, where the internals of the models to be composed (not only
their interfaces) are accessible as well. This is particularly the case if multi-level models, as those defined
in ML-Rules, shall be composed. Still declarative interfaces that are separated from the concrete models
help in retrieving suitable models for composition, whether those are aggregated or fused at the end. Here,
we present a concept for composing multi-level network centered models.

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