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Dagmar Köhn and Mathias John (2007)

The Pi Markup Language - Toward Pi-Model Exchange and Reuse

Poster, Long Beach, California (US), Online Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Systems Biology.

For the Pi-calculus, there exist many notations - a fact that hampers model exchange and reuse. We introduce a first approach for the Pi-calculus Markup Language (PiML), a common notation-independent format for validating, storing, and exchanging Pi-models. PiML is a particular XML Schema with full Pi-syntax expressiveness allowing for the transformation of existing Pi-models into PiML representations and vice versa in a consistent manner. The PiML schema supports definitions of actions as well as of nested parallel processes and summations. Models can be queried using a common query language and are comparable through matching techniques. Extensions of the Pi-calculus can be added by designing additional modules.

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