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Overview of the M&S lectures

In the following you will find an overview and brief description of those lectures given by our chair and held in English. Further information about the lectures can be found in the corresponding handbook of modules (Handbook of Modules: Master). Please note that the handbooks are mostly in German.


Parallel and distributed discrete event modeling and simulation (MSc, english)

Parallel and distributed simulation methods are of particular interest when simulating complex systems, e.g., to evaluate routing protocols in networks with millions of nodes, to monitor air traffic online, or to predict the spread of epidemics. This module provides knowledge of parallel, distributed simulation methods for discrete event models.


Multi-agent systems (MSc, english)

This lecture gives an overview of methods used in research on multi-agent systems, which is related to artificial intelligence, distributed systems, and sociology. Deliberative as well as mobile agents will be considered, architectures of concrete systems will be presented, and the development and evaluation of multi-agent systems will be discussed within the lecture.


Modeling and simulation of continuous and hybrid systems (MSc, english)

Continuous modeling and simulation plays a crucial role in engineering as well as natural science, particularly the combination with discrete event-based approaches. The focus of this lecture is on modeling and simulating hybrid systems. Hybrid modeling and simulation is located at the interface between computer science, control theory, and applied mathematics. Hybrid, dynamic phenomena are of central interest in different application domains, such as real-time systems, embedded systems, robotics, mechatronics, and systems biology. The often safety critical nature of these applications results in a multitude of formal methods to describe and analyze such systems, e.g., by verification or simulation. Modeling and simulation is in the focus of this lecture.