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Anja Hampel

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Characterization of apoptosis-pathways in human neuronal progenitor cells. 2010-11-23
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eDB 2010-03-15
Member Home Page
Sarah Sahl 2010-11-11
Toni Kettner 2010-11-03
Anja Hampel 2009-08-24
Misc Reference
Characterization of apoptosis-pathways in human neuronal progenitor cells 2009-11-30
News Item
Best Poster Award for Hans-Jörg Schulz & Susanne Jürgensmann 2010-09-15
New dIEM oSiRiS Lecture Series on "Graph Visualization" in WS 2010/2011 2010-09-27
Best Diploma Thesis Award for Steffen Hadlak 2010-11-09
VISITORS: G.Theodoropoulos, K. Takahashi, J. Faeder, K. Burrage 2010-10-05
Doctoral scholarships available 2009-10-22
Poster Reference
How Quantitative Measures unravel Design Principles in multi-stage Phosphorylation Cascades 2010-11-17
Small molecule GSK-3β inhibitors that mediate Wnt/β-catenin signaling enhance dopaminergic differentiation of human neural progenitor cells 2010-08-04
Modelling Snf1 regulation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae 2009-05-25
Kinetic changes of LRP6, Fzd2, CK1, GSK3beta and Axin 2 during differentiation of human neural progenitor cell line 2008-03-31
Uhrm_A2 - Stochastic, Discrete Modelling of Cell Biological Processes in Continuous Space 2010-09-21
IVSBM 2010-09-29
IROSnd 2010-09-29
Rolf_K2 - Influence of novel indolylmaleimides on canonical Wnt signalling in human neural progenitor cells 2010-11-16
Rolf_A2 - Effects of Wnt5a and Wnt7a on the differentiation of human, neural progenitor cells 2010-11-16
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Guests 2008-02-12
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