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Carsten Maus

Location: 18059 Rostock — Main Language: de

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Article Reference
Rule-based multi-level modeling of cell biological systems 2011-09-26
Discrete Event Modelling and Simulation in Systems Biology 2011-09-26
Bologna, IT 2010-02-19
Dagstuhl, GER 2010-02-19
Rostock Warnemünde, GER 2010-02-19
Bertinoro, IT 2010-02-19
Edingburgh, UK 2010-02-19
Auftaktveranstaltung der Graduiertenakademie 2011-05-10
RoSyBA 2011-05-05
[BATS] Research stay report Fiete Haack 2011-01-26
[BATS] Simone Frey 2010-08-30
[BATS] Prof. Adelinde Uhrmacher 2010-04-20
Lecture slides 1&2 2008-03-31
Tutorial on stochastic physics 2008-03-31
Incollection Reference
Hierarchical Modeling for Computational Biology 2008-10-29
Inproceedings Reference
Integrating Diverse Reaction Types Into Stochastic Models - A Signaling Pathway Case Study in the Imperative Pi-Calculus 2011-09-26
Component-based Modelling of RNA Structure Folding 2011-09-26
Towards Enhanced Retrieval of Biological Models Through Annotation-based Ranking 2011-09-26
Combining Micro and Macro-Modeling in DEVS for Computational Biology 2011-09-26
News Item
Paper on rule-based multi-level modeling under top 3 of most viewed articles in BMC Systems Biology 2012-03-20
Article about the graduate school in local newspaper 2007-02-13
Poster Reference
Formal Rule-based Multi-Level Modeling 2011-09-26
Modeling the Cell Cycle Dependency of the Wnt/β-catenin Signaling Pathway in the Imperative π-Calculus 2011-09-26
Spatial Multi-Level Modelling and Simulation for Systems Biology 2011-09-26
Similarity Measures for Computational Biological Models 2011-09-26
A Multi-Level and Multi-Formalism Approach for Model Composition in Systems Biology 2011-09-26
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