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Hans-Jörg Schulz

Location: Graz, Austria — Main Language: en

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Article Reference
VisBricks: Multiform Visualization of Large, Inhomogeneous Data 2012-07-26
Model-Driven Design for the Visual Analysis of Heterogeneous Data 2010-09-22 - A Tree Visualization Reference 2012-07-26
Constructing and Visualizing Chemical Reaction Networks from Pi-Calculus Models 2011-12-02
Smart Bibliography List
Publications of Simone Frey 2010-11-11
Dieter Schmalstieg, Austria 2010-02-18
Keith Andrews, Austria 2010-05-21
[BATS] Visualization Hat-Trick III 2010-09-25
[BATS] Visualization Hat-Trick II 2010-09-25
[BATS] Visualization Hat-Trick I 2010-09-25
abstractfigures 2008-08-20
Visualization Hat-Trick II 2010-09-25
Visualization Hat-Trick I 2010-09-25
Pointbased 2 2008-08-20
Pointbased 1 2008-08-20
Incollection Reference
Maschinelle Datenanalyse im Informationszeitalter - Können oder müssen wir ihr vertrauen? 2008-12-18
Inproceedings Reference
Visualizing Uncertainty in Biological Expression Data 2011-09-16
Visual Analytics for Stochastic Simulation in Cell Biology 2011-09-15
Point-Based Tree Representation: A new Approach for Large Hierarchies 2009-01-27
HoneyComb: Visual Analysis of Large Scale Social Networks 2010-09-22
Presenting Technical Drawings on Mobile Handhelds 2008-12-18
Poster Reference
Interactive Poster: A Point-Based Layout for Large Hierarchies 2009-01-27
A Visual Survey of Tree Visualization 2010-09-22
Exploration of the 3D Treemap Design Space 2008-12-18
CGV - Coordinated Graph Visualization 2008-12-18
Name That Cluster – Text vs. Graphics 2008-12-18
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