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Jan Himmelspach

Location: 18059 Rostock

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Article Reference
Component-based models and simulation experiments for supporting valid multi-agent system simulations 2010-02-04
Exposure to ELF magnetic fields modulate redox related protein expression in mouse macrophages. 2010-03-05
Protection of neurons derived from human neural progenitor cells by veratridine. 2010-02-10
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publications2 2008-02-12
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Matthias Jeschke 2010-09-16
Matthias Jeschke 2010-11-10
Rayk Hübner 2010-09-16
Benjamin M. Bader 2010-09-16
Mathias Röhl 2010-11-10
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Including DOIs / URLs 2010-11-23
Including DOIs / URLs 2010-11-23
Publications of Tareck Rharass 2010-11-16
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Flash - JaBInt and JAMES II 2010-11-09
University of Rostock - Logo 2010-02-08
Inbook Reference
Looking Through the Microscope: What Can We Learn From Fluorescence Lifetime Measurements About Free Radicals in Living Cells? 2010-11-16
Inproceedings Reference
Enhancing the Scalability of Simulations by Embracing Multiple Levels of Parallelization 2010-08-05
Using workflows in M&S software 2010-06-30
Towards a Tutoring System for Biology Students Learning Modeling and Simulation 2010-12-10
Communication Patterns in Component-Based ITS 2010-12-10
A DEVS Model For Demographic Microsimulation 2010-05-07
JAMES II 2009-08-05
Mastersthesis Reference
Arbeitsabläufe in der Modellierung und Simulation 2010-05-26
Web-basiertes visuelles Monitoring von James II Simulationen 2010-01-07
ExML - ein Austauschformat für valide Experimentbeschreibungen zum Austausch zwischen verschiedenen Simulationssystemen 2009-09-16
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Youwei Zheng 2011-07-04
Dennis Maciuszek 2010-11-17
Venkata Ajay Narendra Talabattula 2010-11-17
Carsten Maus 2010-11-17
Géraldine Ruddeck 2010-11-16
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Alumni 2010-01-12
Phdthesis Reference
Spatio-temporal control of Wnt/β-catenin signaling during fate commitment of human neural progenitor cells 2010-10-21
Role of Wnt signaling in proliferation and differentiation of human neural progenitor cells (ReNcell VM) 2010-10-21
Explorative Graph Visualization 2010-10-13
Visual Support for the Modeling and Simulation of Cell Biological Processes 2010-10-13
Charakterisierung von Apoptoseprozessen während der Differenzierung von humanen neuralen VM197-Progenitorzellen in vitro 2010-10-13
Poster Reference
What Can We Learn From Fluorescence Lifetime Measurements About Free Radicals in Living Cells? 2010-11-16
Biocompatibility Tests on Quasicrystal-Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) Composites in Human MG63 Osteoblast-Like Cell Cultures 2010-11-16
The Involvement of Reactive Oxygen Species in the Regulation of Wnt Signaling Pathways during Neural Differentiation 2010-11-16
The Involvement of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) in the Regulation of Wnt Signaling Pathways 2010-11-16
Spatiotemporal regulation of Wnt signaling components in different differentiation stages of human neural progenitor cells 2010-02-10
Research Project
FSIV 2007-01-30
Research Project List
Subprojects with Elke Carolin Calamia 2010-11-15
Subprojects with Stefan Leye 2010-11-15
Subprojects with Dennis Maciuszek 2010-11-15
Subprojects with Stefan Rybacki 2010-11-15
Subprojects with Fiete Haack 2010-11-15
Weis_A2 - Spatio-temporal dynamics of transient protein-protein interaction on the level of receptor complexes and in the cytoplasm 2010-11-24
SP2J 2010-09-22
Modelling of lipid rafts 2010-11-15
Post Phd project II 2007-01-30
J4L 2010-08-01
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List of past talks 2007-02-06
List of talks 2007-02-01
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