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Adelinde M. Uhrmacher

Location: D-18059 Rostock — Main Language: de
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Article Reference
Elucidating the sources of β-catenin dynamics in human neural progenitor cells 2012-07-18
DFG Research Training Group 1387/1 dIEM oSiRiS 2008-12-19
Bibliography List
Carsten Maus in Pittsburgh, USA 2010-11-18
Fiete Haack in Oxford, UK 2010-11-18
Appointments 2007-01-25
BATS'4 2007-01-25
Svetoslav Nikolow, Bulgaria (in cooperation with WELISA) 2010-10-29
[BATS] Adelinde Uhrmacher, Rostock, GER 2007-04-13
The Cell in its 3, 4 and 5 Dimensions: Generating Quantitative Imaging Data. 2007-04-13
Spatial Modeling 2007-04-13
Efficient Simulation - Space and Aurora 2007-04-13
pics 2010-11-18
Jobs 2006-07-08
Best Poster InfoVis 2010 2010-11-18
DFG Logo 2006-09-11
Inproceedings Reference
Definition and Analysis of Composition Structure for Discrete-Event Models 2009-09-16
Regenerative Systems - Challenges and Opportunities for Modeling, Simulation, and Visualization 2009-10-08
News Item
Track on Modeling and Simulation Methods in Computational Biology at the WSC 2007-02-13
Visiting Post Doc Dr. Xinhua Lu 2010-11-16
Interdisziplinäre Ringvorlesung der Universität Rostock - Modellierung und Simulation 2007-02-13
13 PhD students of dIEM oSiRiS visiting Monterey, CA 2006-12-14
Visiting program starts in October 2007-02-13
U1 - Structure and space in modeling regenerative systems 2007-01-30
S1 - Visual Support for the Development of Methods and Models for Regenerative Systems 2007-01-30
Techreport Reference
Computer Science Meets Cell Biology - GRK dIEM oSiRiS 2009-10-08
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