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Roland Ewald

Location: 18059 Rostock

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Article Reference
Flexible Experimentation in the Modeling and Simulation Framework JAMES II – Implications for Computational Systems Biology 2010-11-15
Bibliography List
Orianne Mazemondet 2011-08-14
Dagmar Waltemath 2011-08-14
Roland Ewald 2010-11-10
Roland Ewald 2010-11-10
SSA-Exp: Sample Result 2010-11-17
Incollection Reference
Quantifying properties of cell signaling cascades 2010-11-12
Inproceedings Reference
Selecting Simulation Algorithm Portfolios by Genetic Algorithms 2010-05-21
Data Mining for Simulation Algorithm Selection 2010-03-05
An Efficient and Adaptive Mechanism for Parallel Simulation Replication 2010-03-05
An Algorithm Selection Approach for Simulation Systems 2009-05-05
Parallel and Distributed Spatial Simulation of Chemical Reactions 2008-11-07
Member Home Page
Hans-Jörg Schulz 2011-08-23
Fiete Haack 2010-11-17
Roland Ewald 2010-11-16
Fiete Haack 2009-08-24
News Item
BMBF Junior Research Group: grant awarded for Dagmar Waltemath 2012-03-06
DFG grant awarded for Roland Ewald 2012-03-02
Simon Bartels berichtet im aktuellen Profile-Sonderheft von seinem Praktikum in Edinburgh 2011-04-18
First Prize at the Second International Biomodellling Competition Dagstuhl 2011 2011-04-18
DFG bewilligt Projektantrag von Hans-Jörg Schulz 2011-04-11
Phdthesis Reference
Automatic Algorithm Selection for Complex Simulation Problems 2010-12-20
SSA-Exp 2010-11-17
Uhrm_K0 - Automatic algorithm selection for complex simulation problems 2010-11-10
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