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Publications of Youwei Zheng 2008-02-13
Publications of Jan Himmelspach 2010-11-16
Publications of Mark Streit 2010-11-16
Publications of Dennis Maciuszek 2010-11-16
Publications of Fiete Haack 2010-11-16
Carsten Maus 2010-07-29
Géraldine Ruddeck 2010-07-29
Andrea Unger 2010-07-29
Yvonne Schmitz 2010-07-29
Matthias Jeschke 2010-07-29
Projects 2007-01-30
events 2007-09-24
zopeadmin 2006-06-26
Logo, Univeristy of Rostock 2007-10-12
Inproceedings Reference
One Modeling Formalism & Simulator is not enough! - A Perspective for Computational Biology Based on JAMES II 2008-02-24
dIEM oSIRIS (Film) 2008-12-11
Mastersthesis Reference
Parallele Optimierung von Simulationsmodellen 2009-09-16
Member Home Page
Jan Himmelspach 2010-11-17
Matthias Jeschke 2010-11-16
Simone Frey 2010-11-16
Member List
Persons 2007-01-10
News Item
Graduiertenkollegs dIEM oSiRiS - DFG beschliesst Förderung 21.6.2006 2007-02-13
Poster Reference
Neural Coding of Natural Vestibular Signals 2010-11-17
Glycogen Synthase Kinase-3β via the Accumulation of β-catenin in Human Neural Progenitor Cells 2010-11-15
Format Overflow? Handling of Modeling Projects in Systems Biology 2010-10-25
A Mathematical Model of the Regulation of AMPK Activation 2010-10-25
Research Project
FSIII 2007-01-30
RC 2010-09-21
FSI 2007-01-30
Research Project List
Current projects (in FSIV) 2010-11-15
Current projects 2010-09-21
Current projects (in FSII) 2010-07-29
Current projects (in FSIII) 2010-07-29
Current projects (in FSI) 2010-07-29
H1 - Defining and storing model components 2007-01-30
Smart Folder
Calendar 2007-01-29
Past Events 2007-01-30
News 2007-01-30
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