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Best Diploma Thesis Award for Steffen Hadlak

last modified 2010-11-12 17:55

It is our extreme pleasure to announce  that Steffen Hadlak will receive the award for best Diploma/Master thesis of the year in Computer Science at the University of Rostock  in 2010.  Each year the institute of Computer Science assigns the InfoRo-Prize to the best Diploma or Master thesis completed in the last 12 months. Therefore, the thesis has to meet the highest quality criteria and the student's academic progress and engagement is also taken into account.

It was the aim of the thesis to develop a graphical layout for large, time-varying hierarchies with spatial constraints. A predecessor of this work was already implemented as part of the JAMES-II framework. This new extended placement algorithm has also been already published in the International Journal of Geographic Information Systems.

Steffen has joined the large group of dIEM oSiRiS PhD students that received awards early in their academic carreer, emphasizing the high quality of research done in the context of dIEM oSiRiS and documenting the ability of the Research Training Group dIEM oSiRiS to attract highly talented students.

Enclosed a list of dIEM oSiRiS students whose Diploma thesis has been awarded:

Dr.-Ing. Hans-Jörg Schulz (2005, InfoRo-Preis)

Dipl.-Inf. Roland Ewald (2006, 3rd place Petersen-Price)

Dr.-Ing. Mathias John (2007, InfoRo-Preis)

Dipl.-Inf. Stefan Leye (2008, InfoRo-Preis)

Dipl.-Inf. Ron Henkel (2009, InfoRo-Preis)

Dipl.-Inf. Steffen Hadlak (2010, InfoRo-Preis)

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