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DFG grant awarded for Roland Ewald

last modified 2012-03-02 06:56

The German Research Foundation (DFG) has approved a project proposal by Dr.-Ing. Roland Ewald (first-generation associated PhD student and now a post-doc in the research training group) on 'Automated Performance Analysis of Simulation Algorithms for Incremental Algorithm Selection'. Congratulations! See the project description below for details:

Automated Performance Analysis of Simulation Algorithms for Incremental Algorithm Selection

The project aims at developing a system that automatically analyzes the performance of simulation algorithms and then uses the results to improve the performance of algorithm selection mechanisms.

The system shall autonomously plan suitable sequences of performance experiments, execute them, and analyze their results. The knowledge on algorithm performance obtained this way shall then be incorporated into existing algorithm selection mappings. To automate this particular kind of performance data post-processing, incremental methods for learning algorithm selection mappings shall be investigated. The learned selection mappings shall be integrated into the simulation system James II, in a manner that allows fully automatic re-configuration depending on the models to be simulated and also on the available hardware.

Both aspects of the project, empirical performance analysis and incremental algorithm selection, complement each other: the first aspect is required to gather sufficiently many data, while the second aspect analyzes these data to improve the overall performance of the simulation system.

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