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Research Project: RC

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  Research cooperations

cooperation, interdisciplinary

  Research Project Information
Runtime: Since 2007-07-01

Joint research projects that link and extend the research projects of the members of dIEM oSiRiS. (Listing is currently under development and thus incomplete; more projects are being added)

Project Structure

  • J4L
    JAMES II for Game-based Learning
  • FaceVal
    Face validation in FAMVal by integration of the visualization tools
  • HiViMo
    Hierarchical visualization of models
  • DBBioMod
    Databases of Biological Models – Towards Enhanced Retrieval
  • ESQ
    Error reduction and statistical analysis for quantitative data
  • eDB
    eDB - Design and Implementation of a Database for Experimental Data
  • SP2J
    Integrate different software products for computing/analyzing models in JAMES II
  • CVisRNpi
    Constructing and Visualizing Reaction Networks from Pi-Calculus Models
  • VioNeS
    Visual Support for the Analysis of the Next Sub-volume Method
  • GrViMo
    Graph based visualization of models
  • StochMoCC
    A Stochastic Model to study the Influence of the Cell Cycle on the β -catenin Dynamics in Neural Cell Populations
    Integrated Visualization of Structure and Behavior of Multi-level Models
  • IROSnd
    The involvement of reactive oxygen species in the interplay of dishevelled and nucleoredoxin during neural differentiation
  • Modelling of lipid rafts
    A model for lipid raft formation and its effects on cell surface receptors involved in the Wnt-beta catenin pathway

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