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Andrea Unger

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Title of PhD thesis:
Visual Support for the Modeling and Simulation of Cell Biological Processes


Heidrun Schumann, University of Rostock, Rostock, Germany

Bernhard Preim, Otto-von-Guericke University, Magdeburg, Germany

James J. Thomas, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, (WA)USA


The full potential of information visualization is often not tapped in the scientific reasoning process. To overcome this gap, this work aims at bringing visualization closer to demands of the analysis process for the domain of modeling and simulating cell biological systems. Based on the identification of main segments of visual support that need to be provided, this work provides novel contributions for the visualization of stochastic simulation data. Two main visualization challenges are addressed. First challenge is the visual integration of data into the data generating context. A general approach for stochastic simulation data captures the process of data generation by four process levels: model, experiment, multi-run simulation data, and single-run simulation data. Tailored visualization concepts at all levels support the exploration of the complete simulation process rather than single simulation data sets. Second challenge is the visualization of large and complex data sets. Within the application domain, simulation data incorporates heterogeneous data types and is given in temporal, spatial, and multivariate context. New visualizations handle this challenging complexity by the combination and close linkage of multiple views, each revealing different aspects in the data. The novel visualization concepts have been made available in a visualization component library.

Important publications

  • Hans-Jörg Schulz, Mathias John, Andrea Unger and Heidrun Schumann (2008): Visual Analysis of Bipartite Biological Networks. - In: Proceedings of the Eurographics Workshop on Visual Computing for Biomedicine 2008, Delft, Netherlands, ed. by Charl Botha, Gordon Kindlmann, Wiro Niessen and Bernhard Preim, pp. 135-142, The Eurographics Association.
  • Henry Sonnet, Andrea Unger and Heidrun Schumann (2008): Interactive Images using Illustration Watermarks: Techniques, Studies, and Applications. - In: On-line Proceedings WSCG'2008, The 16-th International Conference in Central Europe on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Interactive Digital Media, Communications Papers, ed. by Vaclav Scala, pp. 245-252, Pilsen, Czech Republic.
  • Andrea Unger, Philipp Muigg, Helmut Doleisch and Heidrun Schumann (2008): Visualizing Statistical Properties of Smoothly Brushed Data Subsets. - In: Proceedings of 12th International Conference Information Visualisation, IV 2008. , ed. by E. Banissi, L. Stuart, M. Jern, G. Andrienko, F.T. Marchese, N. Memon, R. Alhajj, T.G. Wyeld, R.A. Burkhard, G. Grinstein, D. Groth, A, Ursyn, Y. Maple, A. Faiola and B. Craft, pp. 233-239, IEEE Computer Society.
  • Andrea Unger, Enrico Gutzeit, Matthias Jeschke and Heidrun Schumann (2009): VioNeS - Visual Support for the Analysis of the Next Sub-volume Method. - In: 13th International Conference on Information Visualisation, IV 2009, Barcelona, Spain, ed. by E. Banissi, L. Stuart, T.G. Wyeld, M. Jern, G. Andrienko, N. Memon, R. Alhajj, R.A. Burkhard, G. Grinstein, D. Groth, A. Ursyn, J. Johansson, C. Forsell, U. Cvek, M. Trutschl, F.T. Marchese, C. Maple, A.J. Cowell and A.V. Moere, pp. 10-17, IEEE Computer Society.
  • Andrea Unger and Heidrun Schumann (2009): Visual Support for the Understanding of Simulation Processes. - In: Proceedings of IEEE Pacific Visualization Symposium, Beijing, China, ed. by Peter Eades, Thomas Ertl and Han-Wei Shen, pp. 57-64, IEEE Computer Society.

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